Elderberry Seamoss Gel
Elderberry Seamoss Gel
Elderberry Seamoss Gel
Elderberry Seamoss Gel

Elderberry Seamoss Gel

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Please allow 3-4 days of processing time as the elderberry seamoss gel is made fresh with every order.

Experience the benefits of Irish Seamoss with added advantage of Elderberries!!


Elderberries are packed with vitamins (A, B and C), minerals and antioxidants which aid in preventing cellular aging and boost the immune system. This leads to reduced inflammation, less physical stress on the body, increased heart health and can help with preventing and easing cold/flu symptoms. Elderberries also soothe upset stomach/ indigestion, relieves gas and helps with constipation.

Seamoss Gel is made from Irish Seamoss, which is a species of algae that is found on the Atlantic shorelines of North America, Europe and the Caribbean Islands. Seamoss contains 92 of the 102 minerals along with vitamins A, E, C, G, K, essential fatty acids, and dietary fiber which are all necessary for the body to function at its normal physiological capacity.

Seamoss supports:

- The Immune System

- Skin, Hair and Nails

- Metabolism and Digestion

- Detoxifying Aid

- Thyroid Function

- Joint Health

- Increases Blood Oxygen

- Improves Libido

Elderberry Seamoss Gel can be used in smoothies, herbal teas, oatmeal, fresh squeezed juice or eaten plain.

It is recommended to consume 1-2 tablespoons/day.

Please do not give this product to children under the age of 1 year as this product contains raw honey. Ingredients: Elderberries, Irish Seamoss, Cinnamon, Cloves, Raw Honey

Note: Please refrigerate your seamoss gel as soon as you receive it, it lasts for up to 4 weeks refrigerated. Seamoss Gel has a slight ocean smell (that’s normal), if your seamoss gel smells like rotten fish, it’s spoiled.

"God made seamoss and it does everything” ~ Dr. Sebi